21 February, 2006
You won't believe your eyes
I apologise. I apologise to those still stuck in the days when dial-up reigned supreme, who come here and begin the arduous wait for images and text to appear, only to find nothing new!

For those of you with cable or ADSL I am not sorry at all because the whole disappointing process probably only took 0.35 seconds any way! *bitter yet jealous laughter*

I've been harping on again and again about how I'm going to become all disciplined and such when I begin uni. Well, I've begun (O-Week, at least), and I don't particularly feel any more disciplined, but I will try to act as such. I am distracted by the fact that I was part-winner of Ausculture's Mix CD competition like a million years (or a few weeks) ago and I've yet to recieve my prize. As my entry took at least two-minutes to write this is understandable.

O-Week involves a lot of 'meeting new people'. I talked to a few people in my tour group, so technically I 'met' new people. Did I want to see them again? Not necessarily. I did like this Chinese international student, though. It's amusing the facts you take from someone who doesn't speak english so well. For example, she's crappy at English and doesn't enjoy writing - her best subject in year 12 was Specialist Maths (graphics calculators and funny symbols), which means she's going to find the journalism course pretty tough. Unless she wants to become a maths journalist, I suppose. She chose this course because she needed to do PR to keep her Visa, or something like that. Her true aspiration is to become a director (but for some reason I wasn't allowed to talk about it loudly), and Ang Lee is her idol. We talked about how much we cried in Brokeback Mountain.

She had also seen this anime I'm fascinated with called Fruits Basket, which is about a family of people who, when hugged by a member of the opposite sex, turn into an animal from the Chinese zodiac. Well duh. That happened to me the other night. Her favourite anime is about all these people on a ship who have dreams and such 'on the sea'.

She said it was funny, but you'd also cry.
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    I noticed that you haven't updated your blog in a while.

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