02 February, 2006
Quasi Everything
I find I'm not a very good blogger at the moment. I haven't been reading or commenting much. Once again everything will change when I start Uni. Not only will I be a fitter, happier person but I will also be some kind of online journalist traversing the web and leaving insightful yet somewhat superior comments in my wake. Just wait.

Big Day Out. Well.

The Subways - hadn't heard them before. At first I felt they were trying too hard, but by the end of the set I'd been roped in and was learning the lyrics as I went along so I could sing along to the chorus of 'Rock & Roll Queen'. I don't know if it's called that.

Off-topic rant: How annoying is it when a band writes a song with one repeated phrase in the chorus which you would assume to be the name of the song, only to find out it is called something completely irrelevant! This situation is made worse when you hear a song but don't know who it's by, so you try Googling only to find that what you thought was the name of the song isn't the name at all. Anyhow, I digress.

Back to the Subways. The frontman is blonde and English so my heart was aflutter. However, he is engaged to the bassist and ocassional provider of high-pitched back up vocals. I say No! to in-band romance. It never works. D'Arcy and Iha. Bjork and... some guy from the Sugarcubes. I have no doubt the Subways are headed for the same fate. This is not because I am naturally pessimistic. I simply look at the facts.

Next: Sarah Blasko. I'll admit that I really only like Always Worth It and Don't U Eva heaps. Her other songs are really just so so, kind of bland. I'm one of those lame people that just gets into the singles when it comes to our friend Sarah. Her set wasn't the most captivating thing ever, but she was entertaining in that she dances by flapping her arms, palms upwards. And also convulsing rhythmically. If you have not seen it I recommend her just for that.

Then: Delicious cheap Hare Krishna food. Why are those people such good cooks?

After lunch it was off to queue for the Blue Stage in time for Franz Ferdinand. In the line we heard rather than watched Wolfmother, and made it into the D-Barrier in the middle of the Hilltop Hoods set on the Orange Stage.

"Put your hands up if you appreciate Oz Hip Hop!"

No thank you. (TZU or Phrase maybe.)

Kings of Leon: I have their Youth & Young Manhood album on my iPod but have never listened to it. We were up the back of the mosh (not that there was moshing) and I have to admit that, though they didn't instantly make me a fan, the singer has some nice pipes. They are all very photogenic but slightly too Americana. I do feel like giving that album a listen now, though.

After sitting for an hour, waiting for the Living End to, well, END, Franz came out. We'd got ourselves quite a good position about six or seven people from the front. I'm not so experienced with mosh pits (last time I was behind the D-barrier was for Something for Kate...) and with Franz Ferdinand not being the heaviest band in the world, I expected, at most, a little funky dancing. I was wrong! Songs like Take Me Out and Do You Want To got everyone jumping/trampling/squashing and my hat was completely bent out of shape. It was intense and thrilling and probably the best bit of the day.

I'd been behind the D-barrier for several hours by the point and was both anxious to get out into the open air and to catch the end of the Mars Volta set. I managed to weave my way about half way to the front while they played improvised snatches I'd never heard before, eventually merging into Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of). They put on a great, original show, as usual, but I was a little disappointed by the fact that 1) most Mars Volta fans are 20 something male music snobs who happen to be taller than my 5'6, and I couldn't see much 2) I didn't hear anything from their newest album, which I was looking forward to.

After that it was off to rehydrate and then try and find some way to catch a glimpse of the White Stripes. I settled for the TV, which really doesn't have the same effect, then tried to enter the massive crowd in front of their stage, but couldn't really see anything but the tasteful red, white and black stage decor, and occasionally Meg (but who wants to see Meg?). After a while I settled for the TV again. At the end of the set Jack thanked us in his fantastic southern accent and then walked off the stage with his 'Big Sister', holding hands. It was so cute and odd.

I'd only taken about 4 hours sleep the night before (birthday shenanigans, late night breakfast food, random meetings with friends on the street), so after the White Stripes, at the end of a heat soaked day, we made our way home. A great day all in all.

Also, go have a listen to The Indifferent, since we're musically themed today. They're apparently 'New Wave' and 'The new Birthday Party'. Confusing. All I know is that my best friend is the drummer and I'm designing their website. And that they're bloody good, and I've been listening to their demo all day.

Well, what a long post.
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