22 January, 2006
Tentative BDO Military Style Schedule
The Harlequin Smile OR The Grates [11 - 11:40]
The Subways [12:20 - 1:00]
Sarah Blasko [1:00 - 1:45]
Sleater-Kinney [2:30 - 3:00]
Wolfmother [3:00 - 3:50]
The Casanovas [4:00 - 4:40]
Augie March [5:00 - 5:40]*
Franz Ferdinand [6:45 - 7:45]
The Mars Volta [7:45 - 8:30]
The White Stripes [8:45 - 10:00]
2 Many DJs [9:30 - 11:00]*

I'm so disappointed that TMV's and Franz's sets overlap. I saw the Mars Volta in 2004, so I'm thinking I'll give Franz higher priority. The Mars Volta's set this year is one and a half hours, so I'll still catch 45 minutes of that.

If you're bored in the morning you should see The Harlequin Smile. They're from my school and essentially won a charity spot because BDO is going to be right next door this year (Princes Park). Their bass player is 15. Think of the novelty!

Further, this glorious day falls on my 18th. Cue first legal purchase of overpriced alcohol.

*If there's nothing better.
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