07 January, 2006
A stroke of good luck
It was interesting to see where our priorities (or, rather, the priorities of the media) lay after the news of Ariel Sharon's stroke became known. Channel 9 news pitched it second behind an update on the state of the footy rights sale; the commercial went something like:
Ya ya ya, good evening, 7 and 10 move closer to sealing a rights deal on the footy, oh and uh... some rather important guy may die soon, and WE HAVE PUPPIES VISITING A KINDIE!
Do the majority of people really know/care so little about the outside world that an impending change in Israel's leadership after years of Sharon's rule is really just not that interesting? I mean, OK, if the more important story had been a horrific mass murder or huge political scandal, I'd understand.

What gets me is that Ariel Sharon's critical condition was considered less important than a story about which button on the remote we'll have to press to watch the footy.

It's not a big thing, it was just a commercial, and I'm only having a whinge. I suppose it reminded me that the media industry (which I hope to one day be a part of) is marketed towards those who lead quite insular lives. This is disappointing, but on the other hand, what better place is there to write for but the media industry if the reason you write is to broaden the scope of a closed world-view?

At least I'll know that at no point am I preaching to the converted.

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And, continuing the topic, express from Max... An old warrior who might have won the peace.

Re: post title. I am waiting for a tasteless anti-Sharon article to be called that.

Recommend it to your anti-Sharon print-journalist friends!
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