16 January, 2006
It appears that, for better or worse, I'm going to be a Melbourne Uni snob this year. The newspaper told me this is the case, and I trust it.

Here is a list of other infamous bloggers (possibly retired) joining me there: Nu-Ju. I believe you should go over there and encourage him to continue blogging... I call upon you to stroke his ego and get his ass into action.

Further, the Australian Open has begun. If you've been reading this blog for a year, or were reading it a year ago (I love you for your commitment) I was couch-ridden with pneumonia at that time. Through prolonged exposure to Australian Open tennis, from my sickbed couch, I've developed an appreciation for it that has not left me.

My favourite thing to do is watch Mountainface lose. Here is why:

Oh, I seem to have lowered the tone.

Time for modern dance!

There. We're just about even.
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