27 January, 2006
Birthday Shenanigans
Yes there will be SHENANIGANS.

I've never really organised a party in my own honor. I mean, small ones, yes, such as last years mass all you can eat Smorgies venture. Tiki! Tropical fish! Recorded animal sounds! Spontaneous bursts of flame!

This year ironic detachment is not on the menu, however, and the means of celebration are all very run of the mill. I'm experiencing all the anxiety of an 56th 18th birthday party organiser. I intended it to be small - yet I found myself inviting people I haven't talked to in several months. So far, everyone has said they're coming. But isn't that what people do - say they're coming, and then cancel an hour before? And I don't have proper ID yet. Etc. Etc.

Enough about that. It should be fine. According to Jess the Ausculture Mix CD competition is to be judged today, in which I've placed a humble entry. I thought it was funny at the time, but it was... very late.

Last post before BDO. Expect quasi rock journalism w/out photos w/out expertise to be delivered expressedly on, say, Wednesday.

Right, cheers, thanks a lot.
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