30 December, 2005
Today is hot, let's pretend it doesn't exist
The best part of yesterday was seeing a Chacmool at the NGV. I'm an ancient history nerd loser so my heart was palpitating with delight at being in the section of the gallery with ancient Mesoamerican, Egyptian and to a lesser extent Roman artifacts.

I was disappointed that there was no blood on the Chacmool from human sacrifices. Call me macabre.

Another exciting moment was when a foul smelling smoke began leaking from the air-vents in our car. We were like: "Ar! We have to pull over before it explodes!" Half an hour and one occa RACV mechanic later, we were told that the gas from our air-con system was leaking. Mum asked if it was dangerous and he was all like "Oh, I wouldn't breathe it in." Too late! Our radiator has a hole in it, and the car is generally fuqued, needing something like a thousand dollars worth of repairs.

Personally I think I did it when I was learning to drive. All that bunnyhopping and stalling. It's got to have an effect.

However, I now have an answer to this question:

Which free music magazine is better than Beat?

Or was it the other way around? Who cares. I just cut out pictures for my wall.

I also purchased three albums:

One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back - The Darkness
You Could Have It So Much Better - Franz Ferdinand
Confessions On A Dancefloor - Madonna

I haven't listened to them yet so don't ask me about them.
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