28 December, 2005
So, anyhow
I got an ENTER of 98.55. I think one of the examiners must have slept with me when I wasn't looking, because I can't explain it any other way. That score means Journalism at Melbourne Uni is an option, which I hadn't even really considered. I went to the course info day, found out I could simultaneously study Political Science and Print Journalism, and was sold. So, hopefully I'll be doing my thing at Melbourne Uni next year. Laa dee daa.

When I start my course this blog will all of a sudden become more high-brow and political. It will happen like magic. Until then, my plan is: lists lists lists!

The most important things I discovered whilst on hiatus:

Interpol = Coolness level up.
Buffy & Angel = Coolness level down.
Stumble Upon = Coolness stayed the same.

You see how much I have learned, how much I have grown as a person?

Today, I really liked this, and this was amusing.
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