24 February, 2006
Who cares if men dominate the political blogging scene: the funniest bloggers are women.

And simply because two controversial statements are better than one: I am a transvestite!
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21 February, 2006
You won't believe your eyes
I apologise. I apologise to those still stuck in the days when dial-up reigned supreme, who come here and begin the arduous wait for images and text to appear, only to find nothing new!

For those of you with cable or ADSL I am not sorry at all because the whole disappointing process probably only took 0.35 seconds any way! *bitter yet jealous laughter*

I've been harping on again and again about how I'm going to become all disciplined and such when I begin uni. Well, I've begun (O-Week, at least), and I don't particularly feel any more disciplined, but I will try to act as such. I am distracted by the fact that I was part-winner of Ausculture's Mix CD competition like a million years (or a few weeks) ago and I've yet to recieve my prize. As my entry took at least two-minutes to write this is understandable.

O-Week involves a lot of 'meeting new people'. I talked to a few people in my tour group, so technically I 'met' new people. Did I want to see them again? Not necessarily. I did like this Chinese international student, though. It's amusing the facts you take from someone who doesn't speak english so well. For example, she's crappy at English and doesn't enjoy writing - her best subject in year 12 was Specialist Maths (graphics calculators and funny symbols), which means she's going to find the journalism course pretty tough. Unless she wants to become a maths journalist, I suppose. She chose this course because she needed to do PR to keep her Visa, or something like that. Her true aspiration is to become a director (but for some reason I wasn't allowed to talk about it loudly), and Ang Lee is her idol. We talked about how much we cried in Brokeback Mountain.

She had also seen this anime I'm fascinated with called Fruits Basket, which is about a family of people who, when hugged by a member of the opposite sex, turn into an animal from the Chinese zodiac. Well duh. That happened to me the other night. Her favourite anime is about all these people on a ship who have dreams and such 'on the sea'.

She said it was funny, but you'd also cry.
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15 February, 2006
Firefox kills hundreds!
... of bookmarks. Mine. Disappeared. Never to be seen again.

We love Firefox but it doesn't love us.

Also: Dick Cheney's Gun Club. If you haven't been following the story, the man shot a fellow hunter a few days ago, who has now suffered a heart attack. Ah, the men who rule the world.
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08 February, 2006
Tit hearts Tat
Iranian Paper to run Holocaust Cartoons

What fun.

Here is a list of other subjects to desecrate in the name of free press: Jesus! Hiroshima! African-Americans! Gays! Moses! The elderly! Your mum!
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02 February, 2006
Quasi Everything
I find I'm not a very good blogger at the moment. I haven't been reading or commenting much. Once again everything will change when I start Uni. Not only will I be a fitter, happier person but I will also be some kind of online journalist traversing the web and leaving insightful yet somewhat superior comments in my wake. Just wait.

Big Day Out. Well.

The Subways - hadn't heard them before. At first I felt they were trying too hard, but by the end of the set I'd been roped in and was learning the lyrics as I went along so I could sing along to the chorus of 'Rock & Roll Queen'. I don't know if it's called that.

Off-topic rant: How annoying is it when a band writes a song with one repeated phrase in the chorus which you would assume to be the name of the song, only to find out it is called something completely irrelevant! This situation is made worse when you hear a song but don't know who it's by, so you try Googling only to find that what you thought was the name of the song isn't the name at all. Anyhow, I digress.

Back to the Subways. The frontman is blonde and English so my heart was aflutter. However, he is engaged to the bassist and ocassional provider of high-pitched back up vocals. I say No! to in-band romance. It never works. D'Arcy and Iha. Bjork and... some guy from the Sugarcubes. I have no doubt the Subways are headed for the same fate. This is not because I am naturally pessimistic. I simply look at the facts.

Next: Sarah Blasko. I'll admit that I really only like Always Worth It and Don't U Eva heaps. Her other songs are really just so so, kind of bland. I'm one of those lame people that just gets into the singles when it comes to our friend Sarah. Her set wasn't the most captivating thing ever, but she was entertaining in that she dances by flapping her arms, palms upwards. And also convulsing rhythmically. If you have not seen it I recommend her just for that.

Then: Delicious cheap Hare Krishna food. Why are those people such good cooks?

After lunch it was off to queue for the Blue Stage in time for Franz Ferdinand. In the line we heard rather than watched Wolfmother, and made it into the D-Barrier in the middle of the Hilltop Hoods set on the Orange Stage.

"Put your hands up if you appreciate Oz Hip Hop!"

No thank you. (TZU or Phrase maybe.)

Kings of Leon: I have their Youth & Young Manhood album on my iPod but have never listened to it. We were up the back of the mosh (not that there was moshing) and I have to admit that, though they didn't instantly make me a fan, the singer has some nice pipes. They are all very photogenic but slightly too Americana. I do feel like giving that album a listen now, though.

After sitting for an hour, waiting for the Living End to, well, END, Franz came out. We'd got ourselves quite a good position about six or seven people from the front. I'm not so experienced with mosh pits (last time I was behind the D-barrier was for Something for Kate...) and with Franz Ferdinand not being the heaviest band in the world, I expected, at most, a little funky dancing. I was wrong! Songs like Take Me Out and Do You Want To got everyone jumping/trampling/squashing and my hat was completely bent out of shape. It was intense and thrilling and probably the best bit of the day.

I'd been behind the D-barrier for several hours by the point and was both anxious to get out into the open air and to catch the end of the Mars Volta set. I managed to weave my way about half way to the front while they played improvised snatches I'd never heard before, eventually merging into Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of). They put on a great, original show, as usual, but I was a little disappointed by the fact that 1) most Mars Volta fans are 20 something male music snobs who happen to be taller than my 5'6, and I couldn't see much 2) I didn't hear anything from their newest album, which I was looking forward to.

After that it was off to rehydrate and then try and find some way to catch a glimpse of the White Stripes. I settled for the TV, which really doesn't have the same effect, then tried to enter the massive crowd in front of their stage, but couldn't really see anything but the tasteful red, white and black stage decor, and occasionally Meg (but who wants to see Meg?). After a while I settled for the TV again. At the end of the set Jack thanked us in his fantastic southern accent and then walked off the stage with his 'Big Sister', holding hands. It was so cute and odd.

I'd only taken about 4 hours sleep the night before (birthday shenanigans, late night breakfast food, random meetings with friends on the street), so after the White Stripes, at the end of a heat soaked day, we made our way home. A great day all in all.

Also, go have a listen to The Indifferent, since we're musically themed today. They're apparently 'New Wave' and 'The new Birthday Party'. Confusing. All I know is that my best friend is the drummer and I'm designing their website. And that they're bloody good, and I've been listening to their demo all day.

Well, what a long post.
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27 January, 2006
Birthday Shenanigans
Yes there will be SHENANIGANS.

I've never really organised a party in my own honor. I mean, small ones, yes, such as last years mass all you can eat Smorgies venture. Tiki! Tropical fish! Recorded animal sounds! Spontaneous bursts of flame!

This year ironic detachment is not on the menu, however, and the means of celebration are all very run of the mill. I'm experiencing all the anxiety of an 56th 18th birthday party organiser. I intended it to be small - yet I found myself inviting people I haven't talked to in several months. So far, everyone has said they're coming. But isn't that what people do - say they're coming, and then cancel an hour before? And I don't have proper ID yet. Etc. Etc.

Enough about that. It should be fine. According to Jess the Ausculture Mix CD competition is to be judged today, in which I've placed a humble entry. I thought it was funny at the time, but it was... very late.

Last post before BDO. Expect quasi rock journalism w/out photos w/out expertise to be delivered expressedly on, say, Wednesday.

Right, cheers, thanks a lot.
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25 January, 2006
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22 January, 2006
Tentative BDO Military Style Schedule
The Harlequin Smile OR The Grates [11 - 11:40]
The Subways [12:20 - 1:00]
Sarah Blasko [1:00 - 1:45]
Sleater-Kinney [2:30 - 3:00]
Wolfmother [3:00 - 3:50]
The Casanovas [4:00 - 4:40]
Augie March [5:00 - 5:40]*
Franz Ferdinand [6:45 - 7:45]
The Mars Volta [7:45 - 8:30]
The White Stripes [8:45 - 10:00]
2 Many DJs [9:30 - 11:00]*

I'm so disappointed that TMV's and Franz's sets overlap. I saw the Mars Volta in 2004, so I'm thinking I'll give Franz higher priority. The Mars Volta's set this year is one and a half hours, so I'll still catch 45 minutes of that.

If you're bored in the morning you should see The Harlequin Smile. They're from my school and essentially won a charity spot because BDO is going to be right next door this year (Princes Park). Their bass player is 15. Think of the novelty!

Further, this glorious day falls on my 18th. Cue first legal purchase of overpriced alcohol.

*If there's nothing better.
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20 January, 2006
Why do real work?
When you can simply repost an entry you made to an Ausculture.com competition?

Top Ten Songs Amanda Vanstone Would Probably Listen To After A Hard Day At Work

1. Let The Killing Begin - Arch Enemy, because the title is all that's written in her schedule for tomorrow.

2. You Can Do It (Put Your Back Into It) - Ice Cube, because she is eccentric and fluidly makes the switch from death metal to hip hop. It's also motivational.

3. My Humps - Black Eyed Peas, because she'll tell you what she's going to do with all that junk in her trunk. Make you scream make you scream, in fact.

4. Sorry - Madonna, because the chorus is: "I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know, please don't say you're sorry." She relates deeply to this lyric.

5. Symphony No. 5 (Allegro con brio) - Beethoven, because there has never been an evil genius that didn't get into that shit.

6. Work It - Missy Elliot, because she knows the true meaning of isurpermidaterfranya.

7. You Outta Know - Alanis Morrissette, because "And I'm here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away" really speaks to her relationship with Phillip Ruddock.

8. Good Morning Slaves - Fantomas & The Melvins, because the song title inspired the beginning line of a speech she plans to make at the next Young Liberals breakfast function.

9. Dinner Lady Arms - The Darkness, because it makes her feel sexy.

10. Creep - Radiohead

"I'm a creep. I'm a wierdo. What the hell am I doing here?"

A final moment of introspection.

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16 January, 2006
It appears that, for better or worse, I'm going to be a Melbourne Uni snob this year. The newspaper told me this is the case, and I trust it.

Here is a list of other infamous bloggers (possibly retired) joining me there: Nu-Ju. I believe you should go over there and encourage him to continue blogging... I call upon you to stroke his ego and get his ass into action.

Further, the Australian Open has begun. If you've been reading this blog for a year, or were reading it a year ago (I love you for your commitment) I was couch-ridden with pneumonia at that time. Through prolonged exposure to Australian Open tennis, from my sickbed couch, I've developed an appreciation for it that has not left me.

My favourite thing to do is watch Mountainface lose. Here is why:

Oh, I seem to have lowered the tone.

Time for modern dance!

There. We're just about even.
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07 January, 2006
A stroke of good luck
It was interesting to see where our priorities (or, rather, the priorities of the media) lay after the news of Ariel Sharon's stroke became known. Channel 9 news pitched it second behind an update on the state of the footy rights sale; the commercial went something like:
Ya ya ya, good evening, 7 and 10 move closer to sealing a rights deal on the footy, oh and uh... some rather important guy may die soon, and WE HAVE PUPPIES VISITING A KINDIE!
Do the majority of people really know/care so little about the outside world that an impending change in Israel's leadership after years of Sharon's rule is really just not that interesting? I mean, OK, if the more important story had been a horrific mass murder or huge political scandal, I'd understand.

What gets me is that Ariel Sharon's critical condition was considered less important than a story about which button on the remote we'll have to press to watch the footy.

It's not a big thing, it was just a commercial, and I'm only having a whinge. I suppose it reminded me that the media industry (which I hope to one day be a part of) is marketed towards those who lead quite insular lives. This is disappointing, but on the other hand, what better place is there to write for but the media industry if the reason you write is to broaden the scope of a closed world-view?

At least I'll know that at no point am I preaching to the converted.

* ~ * ~ *

And, continuing the topic, express from Max... An old warrior who might have won the peace.

Re: post title. I am waiting for a tasteless anti-Sharon article to be called that.

Recommend it to your anti-Sharon print-journalist friends!
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04 January, 2006
Mariah Holiday
Hope you're all enjoying holidays at the moment, in a manner not dissimilar to this:

Ausculture.com is one of the funniest blogs around. Recommended by Nelson Aspen!

Another blog that amused me this morning Chelsea Peretti. I notice that she's disabled comments, which leads me to believe that receiving gratuitous compliments is, as I suspected, bad for the soul, and that I hope I never get to the point where I have to do the same because, you know, all the adoration just got too much.

I don't need to explain why this is worth a teehee.

Originally a blog was a repository of links. So, in that spirit, take a look at Quotes from the American Taliban. Scary. My personal favourite, from Anne Coulter:
"Being nice to people is, in fact, one of the incidental tenets of Christianity, as opposed to other religions whose tenets are more along the lines of 'kill everyone who doesn't smell bad and doesn't answer to the name Mohammed'"
You have to wonder what could make a person so afraid.
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02 January, 2006
You can try this method of celebrating new years when you're old and crusty and no longer interested in raucous fun:

1. Watch 3/4 of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie with three close friends.

2. Stop the DVD a few minutes before twelve then switch to Channel 10.

3. Watch Axle Whitehead drunkenly count down from 10 to 1.

4. Switch to Channel 9 for ever-reliable fireworks display.

5. Get bored, play last quarter of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie.
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30 December, 2005
Today is hot, let's pretend it doesn't exist
The best part of yesterday was seeing a Chacmool at the NGV. I'm an ancient history nerd loser so my heart was palpitating with delight at being in the section of the gallery with ancient Mesoamerican, Egyptian and to a lesser extent Roman artifacts.

I was disappointed that there was no blood on the Chacmool from human sacrifices. Call me macabre.

Another exciting moment was when a foul smelling smoke began leaking from the air-vents in our car. We were like: "Ar! We have to pull over before it explodes!" Half an hour and one occa RACV mechanic later, we were told that the gas from our air-con system was leaking. Mum asked if it was dangerous and he was all like "Oh, I wouldn't breathe it in." Too late! Our radiator has a hole in it, and the car is generally fuqued, needing something like a thousand dollars worth of repairs.

Personally I think I did it when I was learning to drive. All that bunnyhopping and stalling. It's got to have an effect.

However, I now have an answer to this question:

Which free music magazine is better than Beat?

Or was it the other way around? Who cares. I just cut out pictures for my wall.

I also purchased three albums:

One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back - The Darkness
You Could Have It So Much Better - Franz Ferdinand
Confessions On A Dancefloor - Madonna

I haven't listened to them yet so don't ask me about them.
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29 December, 2005
Who cares a lot?

We won't just remember him for his money.

We'll remember him for his houses.

His cars.

His multi-million dollar business ventures/media outlets.

And other concerns.
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28 December, 2005
So, anyhow
I got an ENTER of 98.55. I think one of the examiners must have slept with me when I wasn't looking, because I can't explain it any other way. That score means Journalism at Melbourne Uni is an option, which I hadn't even really considered. I went to the course info day, found out I could simultaneously study Political Science and Print Journalism, and was sold. So, hopefully I'll be doing my thing at Melbourne Uni next year. Laa dee daa.

When I start my course this blog will all of a sudden become more high-brow and political. It will happen like magic. Until then, my plan is: lists lists lists!

The most important things I discovered whilst on hiatus:

Interpol = Coolness level up.
Buffy & Angel = Coolness level down.
Stumble Upon = Coolness stayed the same.

You see how much I have learned, how much I have grown as a person?

Today, I really liked this, and this was amusing.
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